Allegheny Mountain Range necklace gets $100K in Kickstarter campaign

Allegheny Mountains necklace maker The Mountains necklace is getting the support of the world’s richest woman in jewelry, Oprah Winfrey.The necklace is a “tribute” to Winfrey’s philanthropic work, the company announced on Friday.It has sold out on its Kickstarter page, raising more than $100,000 in three days.The campaign will run through Sept. 29.The Mountains necklace, […]

The ‘soul of the volcano’ of Sulaimani, the best spot for hiking

Sulaimania, a popular holiday destination in Greece, is renowned for its beautiful and remote mountains.Located on the coast, the mountain ranges of Suliamani are so steep and dangerous that only a few hundred people travel to the mountain’s top each year.But as well as being the most popular destination in the Mediterranean, the region also […]

How to spot the COVID-19 coronavirus ‘super spike’ in WA – ABC News

A coronaviruses super spike in WA’s northern coast has left the region with the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths in the country.Key points:Authorities in WA are warning people not to walk near roads with heavy machinery as coronavuses spike in the stateAs coronavids hit WA, coronavides continue to surge in WA, with a […]

A ‘super’ lake that is about a million years old is one of the most ancient bodies of water on Earth, scientists report

BYLINE: Jul 25, 2019 07:04:00In the mountains of Maryland, a “super lake” has emerged.It’s a lake with a water table as large as the continental United States, and one that’s so old that its sedimentary layers have been buried.In the 1960s, researchers noticed a large lake, dubbed Lake Michigan, at a lake in northern Wisconsin, […]

Allegheny Mountain Range, a silhouette in a sea of mountains

Allegheny Mountains are a natural phenomenon.There are hundreds of them scattered across the landscape of the Allegheny mountains in Western Pennsylvania.These mountains are among the tallest mountains in the world.They also have a special place in my heart.I’ve always been a big fan of Allegheny mountain ranges.They have a distinct, rugged look to them, they’re […]

‘No place for racists’: Philippines’ ‘No Place for Racists’ law takes aim at ‘racists’

PHILIPPINES—In a sweeping anti-racism law signed Thursday, the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation announced it would no longer tolerate any form of racism or discrimination against anyone.The sweeping measure follows a slew of hate crime cases that have been linked to the country’s rapidly aging Muslim population.The Philippine law, which went into effect in March, […]

How to use the new feature to create a map for your next outdoor adventure

If you’re looking for a map of your next adventure, you may be looking at the elburtz mountain range. Elburz, the highest mountain in Bolivia, is the highest in the world. It’s home to the world’s largest lake, the Cauca, and a number of other incredible natural features. But it also has an unusual name: El bajo de la muerte. In English, it […]

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