Month: July 2021

How to survive a polar vortex

Atlas mountains are often overlooked when discussing what to do when you’re stuck in a polar environment.But they’re a key part of the Atlas Mountains National Park’s “survival” strategy.Here’s how to survive the storm in a nutshell.1.Take the ATR (Asteroid Research and Response) Road The ATR road connects the park to the mainland.It takes about […]

What you need to know about the world’s biggest volcano: The volcano’s eruption could have been deadly

This is a guest post by Matthew Wilson, author of the new book ‘Worlds Biggest Volcanoes’ and editor-in-chief of Peak & Peak.This post originally appeared on Peak &amps; Peak, an Australian newsletter.To subscribe to Peak &amping; Peak you need the RSS app on your smartphone or tablet.Read more about:

Which mountain range is the youngest?

As the years go by, the mountain range of the Andes Mountain Range in Bolivia has grown in size.The area now extends to 4,600 square kilometers, with a total of 7,100 square kilometers of land.Now, as we look ahead, where will the Andean mountains be in the future?This question is more difficult to answer than […]

How to Make a Snowman by Using Watercolor and Sculpture: A Snowman for Winter 2017

How to make a snowman?We’ve got you covered with a few basic steps. But we’ll do it all with watercolor and sculpture. This week we’re going to talk about watercolor, so if you don’t know what that is, it’s the art form where watercolor is made and used. You’ll find this on the internet for a lot of […]

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