Why is this place called the ‘Gore Mountain Range’?

A new website has revealed why the name of this remote mountain range in the north of British Columbia has been so well-known for years: it’s a euphemism for the gory sex-trafficking activity that goes on there.

The new website, titled “GoremountainsReality,” explains that in the past, when there was no sex tourism, the area was known as “Gorilla Mountain.”

But in the late 1990s, a lot of people began to travel to the area, and a lot came back with photos and stories of the “gore mountain” and the prostitutes they were meeting there.

“It was an incredible, amazing experience,” the site’s creator, Laura Riddick, told CBC News.

“And the word came back that they were actually prostitutes, and the word got back to the province of British Colombia and then the word spread around the world, so now we have this real-life gory prostitution, gory human trafficking, and now we’ve got the word ‘gore’ associated with the area.”

The gory activity is described on the website as being like no other place on Earth, with the most gruesome part being “the exploitation of young girls by a few men.”

The site describes the “visceral and extreme sexual violence” that goes into the activities described in the photos.

There’s a huge amount of blood and gore on the floor, which is why they call it ‘gorgeous’.

It’s like nothing else on the planet.

Laura Riddack is the creator of the Goremountains Reality website, which aims to help British Columbians understand the gorges they’ve lived through.

The gores are an infamous place, Riddicks says.

They’re usually found along the Gore Mountains in the far north of B.C., near the Canadian border.

Riddicks and her partner, David Leblanc, were researching gorging in the area when they stumbled across a Facebook page dedicated to goring photos.

Ridiculously, the photos they found had a tag that looked a lot like “gory” and “porn,” and the page was quickly taken down.

But Riddacks’ website still caught on, with over 300,000 people viewing it in the first three weeks of August.

“I remember when we found out about it, it was like, ‘Wow, we have to get out and get people to see it,'” she said.

“We knew that it was just a niche community that had really a lot to offer.

We really thought that it could go anywhere.”

The website has since been viewed more than 2 million times, and Riddricks says it’s helped her reach a much wider audience.

“You know, this is the first time that I’ve ever been able to reach this broad audience,” she said, “and it’s been really amazing to see so many people actually respond to it.”

The Goremounts Reality website was created by Laura Riddle.

The couple met in 2014, when they were both working as social workers.

Riddells is originally from Vancouver and Leblacs is from Toronto.

“So I’m a single parent, so my husband and I have a little bit of a rough patch together, and we kind of wanted to give a platform to a little niche community, and that’s when we started thinking about Goremountans Reality,” she explained.

“That’s where we would share our stories, where we’d go out, and share the stories that we have about the things that we’ve been through.”

As the Goremasses Reality website has gained more followers, Riddle says she’s been able not only to share her own story of being a victim of gory exploitation, but to help others.

“What I think people are realizing is that this is a huge community, that this place is home to a lot more people than just a few,” she told CBC Vancouver.

“They’re just not always aware of it.”

For Riddock, this site is part of a larger trend in the world of online pornography.

“A lot of these things are not really on TV anymore, but they’re on the Internet, and people are finding them on the web,” she added.

“People are just starting to see the reality of it.

And they’re realizing that this isn’t something that just happens at home, it’s happening on the internet.”

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