Bear and lion populations plummet amid poaching crisis

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is facing a potential extinction crisis after nearly 2,000 bears and lions were shot in Idaho over the past six months.

The bear population has been steadily declining, according to wildlife biologists at the U.F.O.

The decline, which was first spotted last year, has affected nearly half of Idaho’s remaining bears.

The agency is now seeking to identify all remaining bears in the area.

The agency is working to track the remaining bears and track their whereabouts.

The Bears & Lions Coalition of Idaho, an animal rights organization, is working with the Fish and Game Service to identify the remaining grizzly bears.

The coalition is urging the Fish &amp.

Wildlife Service to halt the shooting, which it said is killing wildlife that are not needed.

The group is asking the agency to take immediate action to protect the remaining wildlife.

We don’t know where these bears are, or if they are safe, but the population of grizzlies has been declining rapidly over the last six months, said Joe Wojcik, the coalition’s chief executive officer.

Bears and lions are critical to the survival of bears and to the future of the ecosystem in the U;S., he said.

We hope that the Fish& Wildlife Service will use its time wisely to focus on wildlife and protect them.

The Fish &, Wildlife Service said in a statement it is conducting an analysis to determine whether the Bears &; Lions coalition’s concerns were substantiated.

The federal agency is still investigating how many bears and if the agency has shot enough bears to meet the number of grizzly deaths recorded in Idaho.

It has not identified how many bear deaths have been linked to the shooting.

The Idaho Wildlife Division did not immediately return a call for comment.

The U.N. conservation agency said in November that a federal agency, the Bureau of Land Management, is responsible for enforcing the Endangered Species Act.

It is also responsible for protecting the species’ habitat and protecting endangered wildlife.

The B.L.M. is required to consider the threat posed by a threatened species to its habitat and is required by law to act on that threat, said David J. Smith, an environmental and conservation lawyer at the Wildlife Law Center.

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