How many US citizens are currently serving in ISIS ranks?

As the US military’s top officer on the ground in Iraq and Syria, Gen. John Campbell is the leader of the U.S. military’s most powerful branch of the military.

And he is also the commander of the most powerful military command in the world.

Campbell has also overseen the largest surge in U.N. peacekeeping troops since the beginning of the crisis.

Campbell is also facing a series of scandals involving his conduct of the war in Afghanistan.

Here is a timeline of Campbell’s past controversies.


The “Iraqgate” scandal: In June of 2015, a former Army lieutenant colonel in the 101st Airborne Division and the former commander of U.A.E. (the Army’s elite Special Operations Forces unit) was convicted of lying to Congress about the number of Iraqi soldiers killed in his unit’s combat operation in Fallujah.

The Army’s inspector general found that the officer and the unit’s commanding officer lied to Congress and to the American people about the deaths of Iraqi civilians and soldiers.

The officer also misled his superiors, including the commander, about the level of casualties.

The U.K.-based Guardian newspaper reported that Campbell, who is also an Iraq veteran, and his team at the U:S.

Embassy in Baghdad were among several U. S. officials who tried to cover up the true number of American troops killed in Falluja and to justify the deaths.

In September of that year, Campbell resigned from his post as the top officer of the 101ST Airborne, effective immediately.


The Iraq War cover-up scandal: Campbell has a long history of lying about the war, which he oversaw from 2010 to 2016.

Campbell told Congress in December of 2016 that he was “skeptical” of the US’s claims of a pre-war surge of Iraqi forces in Iraq.

In January of 2017, he told Congress that the surge “has not been sustained by anything I’ve seen, including videos.”

The following month, Campbell told the House Armed Services Committee that the “Iraq War is not over” and that “the war will continue to go on.”

In a March 2017 letter to Congress, Campbell said the U-S.

troops were still there in Iraq “to support Iraqi security forces” in the fight against ISIS, even though there were “many indications” that ISIS was gaining ground and that the Iraqi government had not kept its commitments.


The Pentagon’s “Iraq war” cover-ups: The Pentagon is known to have long been a place of high-ranking military officials who would be eager to lie to Congress or the American public about the military operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

But Campbell is one of those officials, and he has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and the Obama administration’s policies in Iraq since his tenure began.

Campbell was one of the key officials who negotiated the U.-S.

withdrawal from Iraq in 2014 and was among the officials who signed off on the so-called “Baghdad Accords,” which paved the way for the US to withdraw troops from Iraq by the end of 2016.

In a July 2016 report for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Campbell called the Obama-era “Bargaining Accords” “one of the worst and most cynical betrayals of U: S. national security and foreign policy in recent memory.”

In March 2017, Campbell publicly criticized the Obama White House for the “fear-mongering and deception” that resulted in the US withdrawing from Iraq.


The cover-Up over the US role in the Iraq war: Campbell and other military leaders, along with many other military personnel, were aware that the U.:S.

had already left Iraq by December of 2015.

In February 2017, for instance, Campbell was among a group of high ranking U.s. officials to testify before Congress in support of a bipartisan bill to extend the war beyond 2014.

But the bill, called the Iraqi Security Forces Resettlement Act, was killed in the Senate.

In April 2017, President Donald Trumps administration withdrew the United States from the Iraq peacekeeping mission in Iraq after a number of high level military officials in the military and the White House refused to endorse the resolution, saying it would “damage the Iraqi military.”

As a result, U. :S.

soldiers in Iraq were forced to stay in Iraq for much longer than the military had anticipated.

As of the end the year, there were at least 4,000 U. soldiers still serving in Iraq as of March 2018, according to an Army report.


The false claims about Iraq’s security forces being “overrun” in 2016: In February 2018, Campbell testified before Congress that there were 3,000 Iraqi security troops “overran” in Fall 2016.

That number was later revised down to 2,000.

In an April 2018 press conference, Campbell also testified that “there is no evidence” that Iraqi security personnel were “overruled” in their efforts to

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