When it comes to protecting the habitat of the giant tortoise, Australia has a mountain range

AUSTRALIA’S giant tortoises may be endangered, but that doesn’t mean the country’s vast expanses of arid deserts are too far off for conservationists to protect them.

In fact, while the country is known for its deserts, the country has also become a world leader in protecting its vast arid plains.

And while the big cats may be on the decline in Australia, they are a vital part of Australia’s biodiversity.

“The great plains are an incredible biodiversity resource,” says Dr Andrew Leach, a senior lecturer in Australian and New Zealand studies at Monash University.

It’s in these arid regions that giant torties roam and mate.

Australia is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet.

Turtles, the giant anteaters, the desert tortoise and even the giant wallaby all live in arid areas.

This is why scientists believe Australia’s arid landscape has a role to play in preserving giant tortillas, turtles and anteaters.

There are about 30,000 giant tortillas in the Australian bush, and there are more than 20,000 species of anteater, turtle and wallaby.

But while giant tortilla numbers have dropped in the past 50 years, they haven’t disappeared completely.

Australian giant torta numbers have fallen in the last 30 years Source: Animal Diversity and Conservation Australia”There are a lot of things that are happening to the habitats that are associated with giant tortelings,” Dr Leach said.

That’s because of climate change, habitat loss and more, he said.

The big cats that are native to Australia have evolved over time to survive in a changing environment.

“The big animals are adapted to changing habitats,” Dr Lesch said.

“They are adapted, in fact, to a lot more different conditions than we were in 50 years ago.

We are not just looking at one species.

They are being used for a lot different things.

The problem with those that are not used to being in the environment is that they don’t necessarily adapt well to those environments.”

In order to keep the giant reptiles, Australia is using new technologies to keep them in the arid habitat.

These include a program called the Giant Tortoise Conservation Program.

When the program was launched, the government said it would keep the species at the “maximum sustainable levels” of habitat.

But now the government says it wants to “reduce the total area of habitat, which is the most sensitive area to disturbance”.

The government’s strategy to protect the giant turtles is the latest in a long list of actions Australia has taken to protect its giant tortises.

While Australia’s giant tortie population is increasing, Dr Lech said that the number of breeding pairs is decreasing as well.

“There is an issue of breeding females,” he said, “which is a problem because of the climate change we are having, and the climate is changing in many ways.”

Australia is using the Giant Turtle Conservation Program to conserve giant tortles and other species in its arid habitats.

“It’s a great strategy because it’s helping the habitat survive, it’s allowing the habitat to survive,” Dr Lewis said.

But there are many questions about the program, including how it is working.

“Is it working?

I don’t know,” Dr Lee said.


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