Australia to begin trials on methane capture technology

Australia will begin testing a methane capture system that can capture the gases escaping from oil and gas wells, mining operations and other sources of pollution, the government said on Wednesday.

The program, announced by Environment Minister Mark Butler, will help the country fight climate change, which is already putting an economic burden on the country.

The Australian government is investing $6.7 billion in its Clean Energy Fund, with an eye on the nation’s emissions from fossil fuels.

Australia, which has one of the world’s highest carbon footprints, is also the world leader in offshore wind, a technology that uses compressed air to capture the wind and heat produced by the wind.

But it also relies on methane to power power its power plants.

The new technology is the result of a partnership between Australia’s national gas regulator, the Australian Energy Regulator, and the Australian National University.

The Australian Energy Market Operator, or AEMO, is the regulatory body that oversees the gas market in Australia.

The AEMo has developed a program that will capture methane from a range of sources, including natural gas wells and coal-fired power stations.

The technology is expected to be ready to use by 2020, the AEMos CEO, Michael Linnane, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday.(AP Photo/John Lehmann)The AECO is using its expertise in capturing methane to study the potential for the capture of methane from methane-producing wells and gas-fired plants, Linnanes said.

The project has been delayed until 2019, and AEMOs plans to start testing it within the next two years.

The test program will test the capture capabilities of a new technology that has been developed by the Australian Research Council (ARC), which is the leading researcher in the field.

The program will also test how the capture works under different conditions, such as when methane escapes from the gas field, Lindanes said.(AP)The ARC is also developing a technology to capture methane gas from a gas field near a coal-powered power station, which will be tested in 2020.

The ARC’s technology, called a methane trap, will capture gas at the site and capture the methane as it escapes from a coal plant.

Linnananes said that the ARC will be developing an industry standard methane trap for the first time in 2020.(AP / John Lehmann, David MacKay)”We are trying to identify the best technology to be able to make the best use of the technology, and to use the technology in a way that makes the least impact on emissions,” Linnans said.

Australia has one the world top three gas-fuelled power stations, and it is considering introducing an alternative fuel, gas-electricity, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power stations and factories.

The country’s largest natural gas producer, Santos, said it was committed to meeting its emissions reduction targets by 2040.

“Our commitment to the Australian community and to the environment is unwavering and it’s a strong foundation that we have put together,” Santos chief executive, Daniel Rodrigues, said in a statement.

The company has pledged to buy renewable energy sources and to make more efficient its power generation.

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