China launches ‘space’ satellite in a bid to extend its reach into the world

The country is planning to launch a “space-based” satellite in the coming months that would be capable of carrying an enormous amount of data.

It has long been suspected that China’s ambitions for space exploration are based on the country’s immense space resources, which have allowed it to dominate its northern neighbor’s orbital system, and have given it access to space-based communications and military facilities, such as the countrys space station.

The Chinese space agency has recently been developing a long-range space telescope that would also have the capability of broadcasting live imagery of the planet.

China’s new space station will be capable to carry a massive amount of scientific data, including high-resolution images of the earth and space, the Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday.

It will also have an observation suite that could be used for tracking asteroids.

China plans to launch the satellite at the end of 2019, and has launched four previous satellites since then.

The Xinhua report said China has plans to build a space station with a capacity of 200 million people.

China is also developing a fleet of satellites for international communications, including a new communications satellite, Xinhua reported, citing a person familiar with the matter.

The satellite would be equipped with a large data capacity and be able to transmit high-definition images of Earth and space at the same time.

China has been investing heavily in satellite launches, but the space agency also needs a way to maintain its space station in case of a natural disaster, such like a large earthquake.

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