Why U.S. officials may soon decide on a second Ebola case

The U.N. health agency said on Tuesday it was recommending the U.K. and U. States impose a no-fly zone over the country, a move that would give local health workers and other medical personnel the freedom to help those suffering from Ebola.

The U.A.E. government said it would be implementing a no fly zone over areas under quarantine.

The move would allow workers and public health workers in the affected zone to safely evacuate.

The World Health Organization on Monday said it was looking at the possibility of declaring a no flight zone over Liberia.

The U,N.

agency’s executive director, Dr. Margaret Chan, told a news conference on Monday that if the U of N did so, the U., which has been battling the virus since late March, would need to consult with countries in the region.

She said the agency was considering whether to put in place a new travel ban or a tighter, more targeted quarantine system for Liberia, where Ebola is ravaging the country.

Chan said the U, which has reported a sharp spike in the number of new cases, was now considering whether a travel ban was necessary, in addition to the measures already being implemented.

“It’s not clear whether this would be a good time for a new or an extended no-flight zone,” Chan said.

Chan also said that the World Health Organisation’s recommendations had not been endorsed by the U S government.

The agency has repeatedly urged the U to impose strict quarantine measures on the Liberian capital Monrovia, and to take steps to keep its citizens and workers from leaving the country and returning.

In March, the World Bank and other donors backed a U. S. plan to impose a travel warning on the country’s borders, with the US. joining France, the United Kingdom and others.

The new Ebola outbreak has led to the suspension of U.C.L.A.’s annual fundraising conference and other major events.

Chan said the W.H.O. was reviewing the plan.

“We have to be very careful that we do not exacerbate the current situation, that we don’t do things that are counterproductive,” she said.

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