How can we stop the suicide of children in the mountains?

In a rare show of unity, the families of those killed in the recent stampede on the Sahaidah mountain range have announced a plan to prevent the next suicide attack.

The families, including a father and his wife, were among more than 300 people who were killed on Monday when more than 150 people tried to cross the Sahyidah River in a stampede that killed more than 60.

On Tuesday, the Sajidah Mountain Rescue and Relief Committee, an organisation that coordinates relief efforts, said the plan would be implemented from Wednesday, the anniversary of the stampede.

Sahyida mountain is in the western part of the Sohab district, where a massive fire and landslide killed more that 50 people in 2009.

It has been the site of a deadly stampede, which saw hundreds of people jumping from the cliffside and trampling each other.

The government has blamed a “large-scale” spike in suicides in the region, but many villagers say the number is much higher.

“There is a huge problem with the number of suicides in our region,” said Sajida village chief Mohammed Ahmed, adding that villagers would have to pay a price if the plan was implemented.

“We will sacrifice our children to stop this suicide.”

The family of the four-year-old boy killed by the stampedes said the family would ask the government to pay compensation to the family.

“We are asking the government, who is responsible, to compensate the family for their loss,” they said.

“We want justice.”

The government did not respond to a request for comment.

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