White House releases plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, factories, hotels, airlines, trucks, buses and railroads

The White House is releasing its first proposal to cut emissions from electricity, manufacturing and transportation, as it seeks to meet a Paris climate change accord and prepare to meet the demands of President Donald Trump’s agenda.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been working to set a goal of cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

White House aides said Thursday they will release a draft of the plan in the coming days.

Trump’s administration has been criticized by Republicans for failing to take action on climate change as promised during his campaign.

Trump has pledged to renegotiate the Paris climate accord, which commits countries to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent of their 2005 levels.

In addition to lowering CO2 emissions from the power sector, the plan would create a $1.4 trillion carbon tax, increase fuel efficiency standards for vehicles and power plants and require airlines and truck companies to get permits before transporting hazardous waste.

It would also impose a 1.5 percent payroll tax on businesses that employ more than 10 people.

The EPA would be tasked with reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and the amount being emitted from power generation, including from coal-fired power plants.

White house aides said the plan’s focus on energy production and the environment is part of the president’s efforts to help businesses and families in the U.S. avoid energy crises and climate change-related disruptions.

The White the plan is also expected to call for a cap-and-trade program to cut greenhouse gas pollution and a transition to renewable energy, among other measures.

It will also propose a ban on federal coal leasing and require utilities to buy more renewable energy to help meet demand, aides said.

The plan calls for an additional $1 billion in federal funds for climate-change mitigation and adaptation projects to help the states, cities and rural communities prepare for climate change impacts.

It also calls for a $400 million fund to help states transition to a low-carbon economy, as well as $50 million for the EPA to help address air pollution and other air quality challenges.

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