When the world saw what happened to the ice cap at Antarctica: What’s next?

When the Antarctic ice cap was last seen in May, it was in its final days.

Antarctica has become the focus of renewed attention because of the massive ice sheet’s rapid retreat.

The ice cap has been retreating at an alarming rate for decades.

Scientists say that it is the most unstable continent on Earth.

With this ice sheet in its decline, scientists have been asking what the next move will be.

What is the Antarctic Ice Sheet?

Antarctic Ice Sheet is a large ice sheet on Antarctica’s surface that is melting and floating in the ocean.

As it melts, the ice is filled with water, releasing massive amounts of methane and carbon dioxide.

This process is a result of an ice sheet called an ice cap melting, which is caused by the movement of ocean water, creating a flow of water that pushes ice away from the continent.

Methane and carbon are gases that occur naturally in the atmosphere.

They are the primary contributors to global warming, and are responsible for the rapid melting of glaciers.

Why is Antarctica losing ice?

Antares ice cap melted in May.

At the time, the continent was seeing a slow decline in the amount of snow it had been receiving, as a result.

That caused some of the ice to melt, but it was still growing.

By the end of May, Antarctica had been losing ice at a rate of around 1.5 inches per month.

But the Antarctic Peninsula was experiencing its own ice loss.

Over the past several months, the Peninsula’s ice had grown by over 3 inches per year.

It is a major source of heat for the continent, which melts at a faster rate than the rest of the continent because of its location on a plate of ice.

An ocean wave swept through the Antarctic region, creating ice that is drifting northward in the Southern Ocean.

While it is still forming, Antarctica has lost an area of land about 2,000 square miles (4,600 square kilometers).

While this is not much, it is enough to add about 3 feet to the height of the sea level.

In some parts of the world, the melting of the Antarctic peninsula has been linked to climate change.

Global sea level has been rising since the mid-20th century.

And as climate change continues, sea level is predicted to rise even more.

How can we predict what will happen to Antarctica in the future?

Antareas ice cap will continue to melt until it is no longer stable enough to support life on the continent and we have a viable option for a future sea level rise.

To understand what happens to Antarctica when the ice sheet is no more, it helps to understand what is happening on Earth as a whole.

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