Which mountain ranges are the most extreme?

A team of scientists led by glaciologist Michael Dittrich at Columbia University has found that the highest mountain ranges in North America have the highest average annual temperatures in the world.

In a study published in the journal Science, Dittfrich and his colleagues found that there are 5,965 peaks in the North American continent with an average temperature of more than -10 degrees Celsius (-25 Fahrenheit) in February.

This compares with the 5,200 peaks in Europe.

The highest temperature at any time is -1.3 degrees Celsius, which is about the same as the highest temperature recorded at a summit in Iceland.

In addition, Ditrich’s team also found that each peak on the continent has about a 2 percent chance of experiencing an extreme winter.

They found that for every 1 degree Celsius above 0 degrees Celsius (about 10 Fahrenheit) the chance of an extreme cold event is one in 3.6.

But these risks are much lower for some of the peaks.

For example, at the highest of the 565 peaks, the chances of an event is about 1 in 4,000, compared with about 1.6 percent for the lowest of the 1,000 peaks.

The study also found there are many other potential threats, such as volcanic eruptions and ice avalanches.

While the research is the first to use a climate model to find the average annual temperature at a particular peak, it is the closest that any team has come to looking at the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted by each mountain range.

In the past, scientists have estimated the total carbon dioxide emissions from all the peaks on the North America continent by comparing the temperature data from different data sets and measuring the amount of CO2 they contain.

In this study, Ditsrich and his team used the data from all 565 US peaks and compared them to a total amount that would be emitted if each peak emitted 1 tonne of carbon, the amount that it would take to equal the amount emitted by all the other peaks in North American.

They calculated that the total total amount would be equivalent to about 13.4 gigatons of CO 2 – equivalent to taking about 1,300 million cars off the road.

This is a much lower number than the previous estimates of CO-13 emissions, which ranged from about 4.3 gigatones to about 8.5 gigatotes, depending on how they were calculated.

But the authors did note that some of these data are from different times, and some are from remote parts of the US.

Ditsrich said the results are not surprising given that climate models used in the past have been very unreliable.

He said:We don’t know how well they are doing, and there are a lot of other uncertainties that make them hard to predict accurately.

He said the findings should be seen in the context of other findings that the US government is finding from its own climate research.

The US Geological Survey has reported that it has a team of researchers that is mapping carbon dioxide levels at the top of the North Americans mountain ranges.

The agency recently reported that there is about half a tonne more carbon dioxide in the air than at the height of the last ice age in the last 11,000 years.

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