Why is Colombia so hot?

In Colombia, the average temperature is 35.7°C, the highest in the world, and a third higher than the global average of 26.9°C.

It’s also the hottest year on record.

Colombia has a population of 1.3 million and a gross domestic product of $10.4bn (£6.3bn).

In the past five years, the country has witnessed a dramatic rise in the death toll from natural disasters, with the death rate from air pollution rising from 0.6 per 100,000 to nearly 14 per 100.

In the capital Bogota, there are nearly 300 cases of coronavirus every day, according to data from the World Health Organization.

The government says that there have been more than 10,000 cases of the virus, with around 4,600 deaths.

But many Colombians say they have been under-vaccinated.

The country has been at the centre of an international fight to curb the spread of the coronaviral disease.

The Government of Colombia has said that more than one million doses of the vaccine have been distributed.

Many of the people who are not vaccinated have had their lives ruined by the virus.

In March, President Juan Manuel Santos announced that he was pushing for more than a million doses, saying it would help control the pandemic.

Mr Santos said that it was the government’s duty to ensure the safety of all Colombians.

Colombia was the second country to become the world’s first country to introduce the vaccine, after India.

But it was rejected by the WHO, which says that it could cause severe and irreversible damage to the immune system and the immune systems of the population.

Colombia’s health minister, Miguel Angel Gil, said the vaccine could prove beneficial to some communities.

“We have a big problem in Colombia, and we have to work to address that,” he said.

The vaccine is being given to the public in six areas of the country, including the cities of Santa Fe and Quito.

But the vaccine is only available to people who have been vaccinated and are over 18.

The WHO said the vaccinations would be offered to all children, but that it would not be offered in school.

The vaccination campaign has been supported by the US and by pharmaceutical companies.

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