A ‘chug-chug’ helicopter flies past in remote Southwestern Queensland town

Posted May 30, 2018 08:31:54 A ‘Chug-Chug’ chopper flies past a ‘trucker’s village’ in the remote town of Chugach in the south-west of Queensland.

The helicopter flies over a house and a sign stating the area is ‘not suitable for people under 21’ and then lands safely on the roadside.

Chug- chug, a local community and recreational area, is a popular spot for helicopter pilots and is often used by helicopters for their daily flights.

Chugs have become a popular sight in the region due to their remote location and high altitude.

“The area is known for its high altitude,” the owner of the helicopter, John, told the ABC.

“You get a lot of visitors from all over, so it’s been a popular location.”

The helicopter landed safely in Chugacum in the Chugache National Park.

Chughah Mountain Range, about 1,800 kilometres (800 miles) north-west from Brisbane, has a variety of wildlife including birds, snakes and mammals, including the large ground sloth.

Chuches can reach more than 30 kilometres (19 miles) in altitude and are known for their fast and strong flight.

The area also contains several small towns that offer tours and are home to several wildlife species.

“It’s quite rare to see a helicopter flying over the area,” Mr John said.

“But I do have one in my backyard.”

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