How to avoid the dreaded kashmr mountain ranges

New Delhi: India is the first country to declare its own mountain ranges.

The country, which is the third-largest economy in the world and one of the world’s most populous, has over 200 mountain ranges and is home to the Himalayan region.

But the government says the area has been underdeveloped and the government is developing a scheme to make sure the country’s mountain areas are protected.

The country’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, said on Wednesday the government would soon announce a scheme for the protection of the countrys mountain ranges from the “black-money, corruption and terrorism”.

“We are making this country the first to declare mountain ranges,” Mr Kumar said.

“We are creating the country with mountains.

I believe that this will be a positive thing.”

Mr Kumar has previously described the Himalayas as the world capital of mountaineering.

But Mr Kumar has also made the Himalas a focus of concern.

In March, the state government announced a series of measures to protect and preserve the country´s mountains, including installing cameras and patrolling roads to prevent the spread of wildlife, illegal mining and illegal mining activities.

Mr Kumar had said the government was creating the first national mountain areas scheme in the country.

The state government had also launched a campaign to encourage people to take part in mountain walks and mountain trekking in a bid to reduce pollution in the mountain range areas.

“The main issue is to protect our mountains and also protect the environment,” he had said in February.

Mr Modi has made mountain ranges a priority in his campaign to ensure the country is one of Asia’s most economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable nations.

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