Hungarian mountain range stickers have hit crypto coin store

Hungarian mountain ranges are being covered in stickers with the word “mountain” and “hiking” written on them, the latest of which was found at an online store in central Hungary.

The stickers have been sold for just under 2 Bitcoins ($2.70) each, but some have been snapped up for a price of up to 100 Bitcoins ($1,200).

In a blog post, the online store owner, who declined to be identified, said the stickers were originally printed by a company called “Pegasus” but have since been updated.

“We have found a company with a lot of experience and experience, and have taken care of the printing,” he wrote.

“I believe we have printed the sticker in Hungarian, but I am unsure about the language of the company and have not had any contacts with them.”

A similar sticker on the Turkish border is currently being sold for up to 300 Bitcoins ($350).

A similar “mountaineer” sticker has been spotted on the Russian border and is also being sold.

Another similar sticker has also been spotted in Romania and has a price tag of up $100.

The stickers are being sold on the online marketplace for a nominal price, and the seller said that he had not yet had any contact with anyone who had purchased one.

He said that “mountains” was a popular theme in his business and that he was planning to make more stickers with a different theme.

Hungary’s national police have been contacted for comment.

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