The Irish mountains, Kedarnath, have been lost

The Kedarkath Mountains, which stretch from the southern coast of Ireland to the southernmost tip of New Zealand, are disappearing.

The glaciers, which are part of the Kedernach mountains, were thought to be one of the most spectacular areas in the world and are thought to have an ice age history.

But they are now disappearing.

In 2014, the Irish Geological Survey (IGS) reported that there were fewer than 150 active glaciers.

Now, a report by the International Ice Group (IIG) says there are just five active glaciers on the island of Kilkenny.

The report, titled ‘Ice Loss and Ice Retreat in the Keddalagh Mountains of Ireland’, said that a number of glaciers were in retreat, some as high as 3,000 metres above sea level.

It said the loss of the glaciers was due to “a combination of a combination of climate change, the impacts of climate warming, soil erosion, and increased human activity, which has caused erosion, sedimentation, loss of vegetation and water storage”.

“The loss of ice from the Keds is due to climate change alone,” the report said.

“As a result, the loss is not being attributed to COVID-19.”

The loss is also due to changes in weather, particularly the impact of El Niño.

“While the climate has warmed over the past 15 years, the climate over the last 20 years has been warmer and dryer, and has resulted in a warming of the ground, leading to ice loss,” the IIG report said, citing a report from the Geological Survey of Ireland.

“This warming and drying is causing erosion, soil degradation, and ice loss.”

The IIG has said that there are three distinct factors affecting glacier loss: “the rate at which the glaciers are losing their ice, the frequency of ice loss, and the extent of loss”.

“There is evidence that both the frequency and intensity of glacier loss are on the rise in the past 10 years,” it said.

The IAG has also said that the Keadalagh Mountain Range, a region stretching from Kedaragh in Co. Kildare to Kedalagh in County Kerry, is a “high priority” for climate change mitigation efforts.

“The Kedad Mountains are a high priority for mitigation efforts due to their high impact on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning,” the group said.

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