How to identify the hottest spots in Australia

In the wake of Australia’s devastating bushfire, a series of maps of the country’s top 25 fire regions have emerged, which have revealed some of the most hotly contested areas.

The map above, published by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, shows the top 10 fire regions in the country.

The area of fire in the middle of the map is in the Northern Territory, with the lowest concentration of hot spots.

But the map also highlights the best-performing fire regions, which include the Northern Rivers, the Mackay River and the Kimberley.

Australia’s top 10 wildfire regionsThe map shows the number of hot spot locations on a map, with red and blue dots representing hot spots, and yellow areas representing low temperatures.

The yellow dots represent hot spotsThe number of low temperature hot spotsThere are around 40 high temperature hot spot areas, which are located on the Australian coastline and in the state of Victoria.

In the Northern Territories, the highest concentration of low-temperature hot spots are in the Torres Strait and the Northern Gulf Islands, which make up around 10 per cent of the total area.

The other hot spot on the map are in South Australia and Western Australia, which together account for around 6 per cent.

On the east coast of the mainland, there are about 5,000 low- and mid-level hot spot hotspots, while on the west coast, around 1,500 low-level hotspots are identified.

In some regions, there is a higher concentration of high-temperatures hot spots on the east side of the state than the west, but the hotspots still account for less than 1 per cent, the bureau said.

The bureau also said the map did not account for areas with multiple low-tide hotspots.

Australia is currently facing its hottest summer on record, and the fires are already affecting tourism, which is expected to drop by around 7 per cent due to the high number of lost bushfires.

The Bureau of Environment and Heritage said the maps were not a snapshot of the nation’s fire risk.

“The fire risk maps were created as a tool to highlight the best areas to be prepared and protected and the risks that face Australians from bushfires, both on the ground and in remote areas,” it said.

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