A mountain goat herd is to be protected by a $3.4 million project to prevent the species from becoming extinct

A mountain goats herd will be protected from extinction under a $5.5 million project aimed at reducing the threat of mountain goat attacks.

Key points:A herd of more than 100 mountain goats was wiped out in the early 1900s when they were introduced to Tasmania’s northThe herd was relocated to the southern part of the state in 2005Under the proposal, the goats would be kept in separate areas under a “garden-like” enclosure and the herd would be protected for 12 years.

It is understood the plan has received the backing of the Tasmanian government.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Environment, Lands and Water (DELW), which is responsible for managing the land, said the government had made the decision on the proposed project because of concerns over the welfare of the goats.

“The state government has supported the proposal to protect the goats under the proposed proposed garden-like enclosure,” the spokeswoman said.

“In addition, a group of people will monitor the goats and their movements to ensure they do not become aggressive or to avoid further harm to the goats.”

The government says it will consult with stakeholders and will consider the proposal in the coming months.

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