Zambia Mountain Ranges To Become More Popular Amid Climate Change

Zambias mountain ranges have been listed as vulnerable by the United Nations as the region faces the most extreme climate change events in the world.

The World Conservation Union (WCO) says the country is in the midst of the most intense period of drought in its history, with a predicted drop in rainfall and an increase in snowfall.

Zambians have also experienced floods and bushfires that are expected to increase further.

Zambia is the fourth country in the region to be designated as vulnerable under the WCO’s ‘Red List of World Heritage Sites’.

The list was released in July and highlights the importance of the country’s biodiversity.

The country has the third largest population in Africa and is home to the Zamboanga-Bolivia Delta, the largest rainforest in the country, and the countrys largest rain forest.

Zamboangas rainforest is rich in biodiversity, and experts say it is critical for a resilient ecosystem.

Zambias land and water resources have also been identified as vulnerable due to climate change, with the country experiencing record flooding.

In February, Zamboans minister for agriculture and environment, Kip Kinsha, was accused of using “fake news” to sell a report that said the country had lost 40 million hectares of land in the last five years.

The minister denied the claims, saying the figures were fabricated.

According to a report from the Zambian Institute of Forestry, about 10% of the land in Zambiambo was lost between 2001 and 2012, when Zambis population boomed.

The institute’s president, Kinyani, said the government had already been working to mitigate climate change since its establishment, but the latest claims from the minister were an “unacceptable breach of trust”.

The country is also experiencing extreme drought, with temperatures forecast to fall below freezing by early December.

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