Which NFL players are currently in the spotlight in a scandal?

The Denver Broncos were the latest team to be accused of hiring and employing prostitutes and having them perform sex acts.

According to a lawsuit filed by the National Organization for Women on Tuesday, the Broncos paid a woman $10,000 to have sex with a man at the team’s practice facility in Denver.

She allegedly did so between June 7 and June 12.

A woman who was paid to have the sex act told police that the men “had a number of encounters and would have sex at all hours, including night time.”

She allegedly said she had to “fight” to get the money, according to the lawsuit.

The Broncos also were accused of having a former employee, who was hired in 2014, sexually assault another woman.

The former employee has since been fired.

The lawsuit also accuses the Broncos of hiring a former player and a former assistant coach for sexual purposes.

It claims the former players were “paid to engage in sexual activities in exchange for favorable treatment.”

It also alleges that players and staff were “sexually harassed, intimidated and pressured by the NFL.”

The team is expected to address the allegations in a news conference Tuesday.

In addition to the allegations against the Broncos, former players at the University of Kansas were also implicated in a sex scandal.

On March 11, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Dontari Poe pleaded guilty to a charge of soliciting prostitution, according a report by the Kansas City Star.

Poe was charged with soliciting sexual acts on two women at the Chiefs’ hotel in Kansas City.

The Kansas City Police Department investigated the incident but declined to prosecute.

Poe reportedly admitted to the incidents to his wife, and the two women were subsequently separated.

The Star reported that Poe was also accused of “sex trafficking” a former student at the university.

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