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Which is the most active volcano in the U.S.?

New York state’s largest active volcano, Mount St. Helens, is the second-most active in the United States, behind the Colorado River Basin’s Mount Tambora, and it is growing more active as the year draws to a close.The mountain ranges it sits on, however, are far less active, according to a new study by the U […]

Allegheny Mountain Range necklace gets $100K in Kickstarter campaign

Allegheny Mountains necklace maker The Mountains necklace is getting the support of the world’s richest woman in jewelry, Oprah Winfrey.The necklace is a “tribute” to Winfrey’s philanthropic work, the company announced on Friday.It has sold out on its Kickstarter page, raising more than $100,000 in three days.The campaign will run through Sept. 29.The Mountains necklace, […]

How 3D maps and 3D-printing are making 3D printing more accessible and affordable for everyone

The technology is so new that it’s not clear if the technology is ready for mass adoption.But a new report from the World Economic Forum has found that the 3D printed houses that people see in 3D movies and 3-D-printed books are actually more affordable to make.The report finds that while some houses are cheaper […]

WNYA ‘wondering why we haven’t seen more’ snowfall from Cairngor Mountain range

New York’s Cairns Mountain range is beginning to see more snowfall than usual.A new analysis of the data by the National Snow and Ice Data Center shows snowfall in the mountains has risen from a few inches to a whopping 2.1 inches.The latest update on the snowfall comes from a January 24 analysis that shows […]

‘There is no end in sight’ as India and Pakistan reach a deal over border conflict

India and its neighbours have reached a tentative agreement to jointly fight terrorism in Kashmir and have agreed to establish a new border crossing, according to Indian media reports.The agreement will also see the return of thousands of migrants from Pakistan, which has been holding back hundreds of thousands since its withdrawal from the region […]

Hungarian mountain range stickers have hit crypto coin store

Hungarian mountain ranges are being covered in stickers with the word “mountain” and “hiking” written on them, the latest of which was found at an online store in central Hungary.The stickers have been sold for just under 2 Bitcoins ($2.70) each, but some have been snapped up for a price of up to 100 Bitcoins […]

How to save money on a hotel in Israel

Hotel bookings in Israel can be very pricey.However, the best value hotels in the country are located in the Galilee.The best value is the JW Marriott Jerusalem, which has a room rate of $1,732 per night.The room rate includes two nights, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is good value for a one-bedroom apartment.The hotel […]

How to draw a map of Idaho’s Mesabi Mountains, drawing in the details

Posted October 04, 2018 09:04:57 A map of the Mesabi mountain ranges in Idaho shows the areas of interest for a lot of people.A map showing the regions of interest in Idaho’s mesabi mountain areas.A drawing of the areas in Idaho.(Photo: Idaho Department of Natural Resources)The region’s elevation and the steepness of its peaks make […]

‘Extreme’ weather event in Arizona will cause ‘huge amounts of damage’ to homes and businesses

A storm system is forecast to slam into the state of Arizona on Tuesday night, sending a hurricane-force winds of at least 200 kilometres per hour, with temperatures likely to rise as high as 100 degrees Celsius.More than 80 per cent of Arizona’s metropolitan area is forecasted to be under the storm’s influence.More: “We are […]

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