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The ‘soul of the volcano’ of Sulaimani, the best spot for hiking

Sulaimania, a popular holiday destination in Greece, is renowned for its beautiful and remote mountains.Located on the coast, the mountain ranges of Suliamani are so steep and dangerous that only a few hundred people travel to the mountain’s top each year.But as well as being the most popular destination in the Mediterranean, the region also […]

A ‘super’ lake that is about a million years old is one of the most ancient bodies of water on Earth, scientists report

BYLINE: Jul 25, 2019 07:04:00In the mountains of Maryland, a “super lake” has emerged.It’s a lake with a water table as large as the continental United States, and one that’s so old that its sedimentary layers have been buried.In the 1960s, researchers noticed a large lake, dubbed Lake Michigan, at a lake in northern Wisconsin, […]

How to describe the bald mountain range?

The bald mountain is a region of mountains and valleys in eastern Canada that is located in the Yukon and northern Quebec.It is the smallest of the Yukotas mountain ranges, but it has some of the most spectacular scenery.The mountains are surrounded by valleys that rise to the sky.The peaks range from 2,400 to 3,000 […]

How to identify a great mountain range

An international team of scientists has developed a computer model that identifies mountains with high concentrations of nitrogen in the atmosphere.The team used a model of the atmospheric nitrogen levels to determine the potential for mountain range carbon sequestration.The model was created by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute for Atmospheric Science and the National […]

Real Madrid sign Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria, Paulinho, Zidane as new signings

Real Madrid are ready to announce the signings of two new players as they look to bring back some stability to the club’s attacking line-up.The signings are expected to be announced as early as Wednesday. The news comes after an 11-game losing streak and Madrid’s fourth consecutive home defeat by Juventus.Real have been without the services […]

Which areas are most vulnerable to wildfire?

The Pangea Mountain Range in the Andes is the most vulnerable region in the world to wildfire, according to new analysis by ABC News and The Associated Press.And if you think that doesn’t sound good, think again.The study found that fires are burning in areas where people live and work.For example, more than 1,000 fires […]

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