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Allegheny Mountain Range necklace gets $100K in Kickstarter campaign

Allegheny Mountains necklace maker The Mountains necklace is getting the support of the world’s richest woman in jewelry, Oprah Winfrey.The necklace is a “tribute” to Winfrey’s philanthropic work, the company announced on Friday.It has sold out on its Kickstarter page, raising more than $100,000 in three days.The campaign will run through Sept. 29.The Mountains necklace, […]

Allegheny Mountain Range, a silhouette in a sea of mountains

Allegheny Mountains are a natural phenomenon.There are hundreds of them scattered across the landscape of the Allegheny mountains in Western Pennsylvania.These mountains are among the tallest mountains in the world.They also have a special place in my heart.I’ve always been a big fan of Allegheny mountain ranges.They have a distinct, rugged look to them, they’re […]

Which states are best suited for hunting?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s not easy to know whether a state’s wild and scenic wilderness will be the right fit for a shooting sports enthusiast, but we have some good clues.Here are our best guesses for the states that are best-suited for hunting.North Carolina: The North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NWCF) estimates that more than 40 […]

How to spot a long mountain range in the Allegheny Mountains

Allegheny Mountain Range, a long, narrow and rugged mountain range that runs from New York to New Jersey, is considered the longest mountain range on the planet.The Allegheny Range is home to several species of birds, including the Alleghenys’ great horned owl.The mountain range is home most of the Allegiantys native plants, including ferns, a […]

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