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Allegheny Mountain Range necklace gets $100K in Kickstarter campaign

Allegheny Mountains necklace maker The Mountains necklace is getting the support of the world’s richest woman in jewelry, Oprah Winfrey.The necklace is a “tribute” to Winfrey’s philanthropic work, the company announced on Friday.It has sold out on its Kickstarter page, raising more than $100,000 in three days.The campaign will run through Sept. 29.The Mountains necklace, […]

Kyrgyz Mountain Range necklace, Kyrgyzes necklace, Mongolia necklace, Kazakhstan necklace, Uzbekistan

Kyrgyzan mountain range is one of the most pristine places on earth and has been called a paradise of nature.But for thousands of years, it was a place of violence.Kyrgyzan is known as the birthplace of the Mongol Empire.Its population was divided into three distinct groups: the Mongols, nomads and the nomads.In time, the Monguls […]

What you need to know about algeria’s mountain ranger ring

The Algarve Mountains National Park is a popular destination in the Algarvados province, and its high mountains offer the perfect setting for hiking.But the Algiers mountain ranger rings are nothing if not unique.The Algieris mountain ranger, who has served the area for over 40 years, has his own set of unique rings, each with its […]

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